Fringe Transfers

  • Go-Live – Spring 2015
  • Purpose –
    • Modified the capability of NIBS to allow for the transfer of fringe along with the transfer of the gross payroll expense​

Travel Encumbrances

  • Go-Live – Spring 2015
  • Purpose –
    • Clean up old Travel Authorizations
    • Accurately reflect the impact of closed Travel Authorizations for Grant reporting in DEMIS
    • More meaningful Travel and Expense reporting in DEMIS:
      • Travel Authorizations that have not been approved and budget checked will no longer be reported in DEMIS. Travel Authorizations that do not meet this criteria are currently shown as “Pending’ on DEMIS reports. If the budget for the upcoming fiscal year has not yet posted, Travel Authorizations for travel ending in the future fiscal year will not be reported.
      • Travel Authorizations will be reported as encumbrances until the associated expense report is paid, assuring there is no duplication of expenses.
    • Implement defaults in FSKU that simplify completing Travel Authorizations/Expense Reports.
  • Continued Support –
    • FMS provides general support for users with questions about travel, including travel encumbrances. For questions on travel encumbrances please e-mail


  • Go-Live – Winter 2014
  • Purpose –
    • The Payment Plus program through US Bank was implemented as a payment method to achieve vendor rebates in an effort to maximize cash flow.  Vendors sign up to participate in the program, which allows them to access invoice payment on-line through US Bank instead of receiving a check or ACH payment from The University or Center for Research.
  • Implementation-
    • Updated vendor record with an indicator that this is a participating vendor int eh Payment Plus program. The only way this vendor can be paid once added is through Payment Plus.
    • Coordinated the interface between the bank and PeopleSoft
    • Coordinated an interface with the State of Kansas
  • Continued Support-
    • FMS continues to support PaymentPlus by submitting files to the state and with general troubleshooting support

Grants AR/Billing

  • Go-Live – Summer 2014
  • Purpose-
    • Build Efficiencies – Reduce dual data entry and reliance on manual processes
    • Improve Data Quality – Issue standard processes to be used across teams for the creation of reports and reconciliation.
    • Enhance Reporting – Create standard reports specific to billing and accounts receivable. Reduce manual processes for operational and sponsor reporting.
    • Manage Billing and Accounts Receivable –Automation and transparency of invoicing, aging and collection activities. Eliminate manual processes and current shadow databases.
    • Increase Communication Efficiency – Enable more efficient communication between post award and financial services.
    • Increase Internal Controls – Built in internal controls for Financials Services and Post Award.
    • Cash Flow Tracking – Increased transparency to expected and uncollectable cash.
  • Continued Support-
    • FMS and KUCR provide support for the Grants AR/Billing Module. Training documents and additional information are located here.

NIBS Account Categories

  • Go-Live – Summer 2013
  • Purpose –
    • Other Operating Expense (OOE) budget categories were split from three general category out to nearly 30 more specific account categories to facilitate more detailed budgeting. 
  • Continued Support-
    • FMS maintanis these account categories in the tree to ensure the detailed accounts map to the correct tree nodes.

Procure 2 Pay

  • Wave 1 – Go-Live – Summer 2012
    • Supplier sync from FSKU to KUPPS. Purchase Orders were exported from KUPPS to FSKU, and therefore encumbrances were reported in DEMIS Financials. 
  • Wave 2 – Go-Live – Spring 2013
    • Implemented check request forms. Moved from PeopleSoft vouchers to check requests in KUPPS. Refunds were processed in KUPPS. Invoice workflow was moved to ImageNow. Voucher Purchase Order Matching was implemented. Custom field sync (aka Chartfield sync). FMS synced security with PeopleSoft.
  • Continued Support-
    • FMS continues to support the ImageNow workflow, and KUPPS system issues, user sync, custom field sync, and Security
    • Training documents created and maintained by Procurement and are available here.
    • Financials/KUPPS Departmental Access Form (PDF)

Travel & Expense Module

  • Go-Live – Summer 2012
  • Purpose –
    • The University transitioned from preparing travel expense reports outside the PeopleSoft system to preparing all travel authorizations and expense reports within the PeopleSoft system. Now all calculations and payments are made within one system and the University is using the same module that the State of Kansas uses.
  • Continued Support-


  • Go-Live – Winter 2011
  • Purpose –
    • The University transitioned to delivered functionality within the ERP for procurement card transactions. This eliminated the customized BPC module.
  • Continued Support-
    • FMS provides support for cardholder proxy maintenance, approval workflow maintenance, and monitor incoming files from the bank.
    • New cards can be requested from Procurement Services (link to forms listed below).
    • Procurement Card Procedures (PDF)
    • P-Card FAQ (PDF) (2/20/2014)
    • P-Card Forms