What is DEMIS?

DEMIS, which stands for Departmental Executive Management Information System, is a web-based planning and management information system for academic and administrative units. It uses the internet to deliver analytical information that often is requested from the Office of Institutional Research and Planning. By providing it to academic decision-makers via the web, we are trying to make it convenient to use, easy to print only those pages you want, and provide the options to import data into your local software. 

What is a portal/portlet?

A portal is a web application that enables users to access Web sites, data, documents, applications, and other digital content from a single, easily accessible user interface. A portal's personalization features enable each user to configure and organize the interface to meet individual or role-based needs. A portlet is a web component that is managed by a Web application and which is aggregated with other portlets to form a page within the application. For a list of other terms please see the Glossary.  

What do the various icons mean in DEMIS?

There are a variety of different report/information delivery methods used in DEMIS. The following is a summary of the most commonly used and the icon that represents each one: ​

How do I customize (add content) to my home page?

White on your home page:

  • Click Customize -> Edit Page -> Edit Page Content
  • On the Edit Page Content Page, click Add Portlets.
  • On the Add Portlets page, click the Search tab.
  • On the Search panel, enter Keywords to search for particular predefined portlets, or enter an asterisk (*) if you want to find all available portlets. Then click Search. The search results panel displays a list of all of the portlets whose names, descriptions, or keywords contain the keywords that you entered. The list includes portlets that you have previously created, publicly available portlets, and portlets that have been shared with a group of users that you belong to.  
  • Select the check box for each portlet that you want to add, and then click Add
  • When you are finished, click Done on the Search page.  
  • On the Edit Page Content page, specify where the new portlets are to appear on the page. 

How do I bookmark a report that I use frequently?

In the upper left hand corner of each report menu, there is a bookmark icon. Click on that icon to bookmark the report. The bookmarks appear in your Bookmarks Portlet on your Home page. If your home page does not already contain a Bookmarks Portlet, you can add it as outlined above.  

Exporting or downloading files to Excel doesn't seem to work.

If you select Excel Data File, Excel Report or Word a download dialogue box should open and prompt you to either Open or Save the file.