Frequently Asked Questions

Travel/Expense Module changes – CONUS 2016

1. How do I learn more about this change to the Travel/Expense module?  Is training available? Listing of new rates?

2. What is changing in Travel/Expense module?

  • Per Diem/Lodging rates by Location using Federally accepted rate standards
  • Multi-site trip indicator
  • Systematic quarter day calculation for per diem
  • Fewer expense types

3. What does the new Meal & Incidental rate cover?

  • Meals – Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Incidentals – Hotel tips (eg. housekeeping, bellhops, valet)

4. How long will the old expense types be available for use?

  • IRS guidelines indicate that expense reports should be filed within 60 days of the trip end date.  KU central offices will follow up on getting expenses reports completed within 90 days in order to shut down the old expense types in the April/May 2016 timeframe.

5. How do I know which Location to choose?

  • Travel Authorization/Expense Report header – choose the location where you spend the first night
  • Lines – choose the location where you sleep at night
    • On the last day of the trip – on the way home – choose where you slept the previous night

6. What if I cannot find my city within the location choices?

  • The CONUS file is based on the USPS (US Postal Service) file – so most cities will be included.  If not, choose the county within which your city in located
  • International travel – major cities are included for countries, each country has an OTHER category

7. When do I choose the new Multi-site trip check box?

  • Select this box when a single TA represents a trip to more than one location
  • NOTE:  the default location is the first place traveled to – on each line choose the location where you are spending the night

8. Should a user wait to log a Travel Authorization for travel that will occur after 1/1/2016 until after 1/1/2016? 

  • No, TA can be entered any time prior to trip

9. What are the new start and end times?

  • The start and end times facilitate the automatic calculation of quarter days for per diem
    • Start time – indicate the time of the trip departure on the 1st day of the business trip
    • End time – indicate the time of the trip return on the LAST day of the business trip
      • Otherwise – there is no need to change the default times