BudCast Frequently Asked Questions


Technical FAQ

  • When I try to log into BudCast I get the following error message: “User could not be authenticated against external source”.
    • First confirm that the User Name and Password entered, matches your KU Online ID and Password. If the error message still appears, contact KU IT Account Management at acctappl@ku.edu. KU IT Account Management will need to confirm that your BudCast User ID matches your KU Online ID.



  • What do I do if I get an error message when trying to load BudCast?
    • The two most likely scenarios causing this error message are:
      1. Insufficient RAM is currently available on your PC/Mac to launch BudCast. Close down your currently running applications, or even better, restart your computer.
      2. Your computer does not have a connection to the KU network. If you are away from the KU-Lawrence, a VPN connection must be made before launching BudCast.


If you continue to experience problems, please contact the BudCast Staff in Financial Management Systems for further support at budcastsupport@ku.edu.



Functional FAQ


  • How is my budget spread to the various months in the period budget allocation?
    • Period Budget Allocation - The default for the period budget allocation is based on your prior year spending pattern.  The period budget allocation process takes the Total Current Yr. Budget in the Operating Plan and distributes or spreads the budget across the 12 months/periods.   Carry forward allocations are not affected by this allocation/spread. 
      • The distribution is based on the spending amount out of each Fund/Cost Center/Account in the prior fiscal year.  Meaning, if 10% of your total COMMUN {communication} expenses from last year were expended in September and 90% in June, the period budget allocation will spread 10% of your COMMUN budget this year to the month of September and 90% to June. 
      • For further illustration, please refer to the training document “Operating Plan



  • How are the categories in BudCast populated?
    • The categories in BudCast were created through a mapping, or grouping of account codes into particular account categories. The detail of every account code and to what category it is mapped can be found under the "Account Code and Fund Classifications" link tab to the left.


  • Where do I find the charts/graphics after running a report?
    • Certain reports within BudCast have been designed to also provide graphics of the data elements. If there is a chart that accompanies a report, a tab will appear on the upper right hand corner of the report – the tabs are small and are listed vertically on the far right of your report. Within the reporting module and FMW report viewer, the user will be able to toggle back and forth between the report and chart. By default, the charts will be included when printing reports.


  • Why is the text so small when printing out a detailed report?
    • The default print settings for all reports within BudCast are to scale the report onto one page. The orientation will either be landscape or portrait depending on the number of columns and rows of the rolled up report. If you wish to drill down to provide further detail before printing a report, users can first export to excel. When a report is exported in excel, it will mirror the level of drilldown that is in the report viewer at the time of the export. Within excel, users can customize the print area, margins, scaling, and setting.


  • How do I distribute reports to KU Staff that does not have access to BudCast?
    • BudCast users have two options to distribute a BudCast report to another KU staff member. Reports can be distributed via email after a report has been executed by a BudCast user. Once the report is generated simply go to File > Email… Users can then enter the email address of the recipient they wish to send the report, and choose between sending an FMW report (dynamic drill down capabilities) or an Excel file (static, no drill down). Any message can be added to the body of the Email. The report will appear as an attachment. See training: “E-mailing a Report”.


  • How do I install the BudCast Report viewer?
    • The BudCast Report Viewer will be used when distributing reports to KU staff members that do not have a BudCast login. In their first time receiving a report, they will need to load the Report Viewer, which may be launched from: https://budcast.ku.edu/FMWWeb/client/FMWWebRV.jnlp After launching the Viewer, any reports received (as attachments in an email) will be automatically opened in the BudCast Report Viewer. See training: "BudCast Report Viewer Installation"

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Training & Help

If you are experiencing a critical issue with BudCast, please contact the BudCast Support team at budcastsupport@ku.edu or call (785)864-5686.

For questions on functionality and all other issues; please visit our BudCast Quick Reference Guides.