Users without access to the BudCast system can utilize the BudCast Report Viewer to view reports that have been sent to them.  After a report has been distributed, an email is sent to the recipient with the report as an attachment. Upon receipt of the BudCast e-mail follow these steps to download the Report Viewer and view the received report:


  Receive E-mail from FMW Mail Agent.  Upon receipt of an e-mail from ‘FMW Mail Agent’, the following actions may be taken.

Note: If opening this e-mail while located off campus you must use KU Anywhere to establish a secure campus connection (VPN). Computer must also have Java installed to open the Report Viewer.



    Launch the Report Viewer.  First time users need to launch the Report Viewer install from the provided URL in the e-mail.  For details on the installation, please reference the training document “Installing and Logging into BudCast Client”.

BudCast Report Viewer is Loaded.  Step #2 will load the BudCast Report Viewer. However, no report will be loaded. Exit out of the viewer, and return to the original e-mail.

 Open the Attachment/Report.  In the original e-mail double click on the attachment to the original report to either open or save the file.


Open or Save the Attachment.  After double clicking on the attachment the “Opening Mail Attachment” window will open and the user will have two options:


  1. Click “Open” to immediately view the report in the Report Viewer.


  1. Click “Save” to save the file onto your computer to view the Report at a later date.


Follow these steps to save the file:

  1. Choose Save in the ‘Opening Mail Attachment’ window.
  1. Select the location on the computer to save the file to. In this example the user has elected to save the file to the desktop.
  1. Click Save.

Open Saved File in the Report Viewer.  To open a saved file in the Report Viewer at a later date follow these steps:


  1. Double click on the Report Viewer Icon located on your desktop
  1. Select Open from the File menu.
  1. Click on the file name to select it, then click the ‘Open’ button to open the Report.

View the Report.  After choosing to open the attachment the report will appear in the Report Viewer.

  • For information on general navigation features in a report see: Navigating in Reports

Note: After the initial loading of the BudCast Report Viewer, all future reports can be loaded by double clicking on an .fwo email attachment or saved .fwo file.  Reports may take a moment to load after the Report Viewer is opened.