BudCast identifies users by their myKU portal username and password.  No additional username or password is required.

All BudCast users must be approved by their respective department heads and should receive training before using the system.  For access to the BudCast system all users must submit the “User Access Request Form”.


Note: If opening this e-mail while located off campus you must use KU Anywhere to establish a secure campus connection (VPN).


Accessing the Launch Web Page.  BudCast client is initially launched from a web page linked to the application server. The web page can be found at: .







Launch the BudCast Client.  Launch the BudCast client application by clicking on the Launch FMW Web link on the launch web page. The first time the application is launched, or whenever the application has been updated on the server, a dialog will appear indicating that the application is being downloaded into a local cache.


Mozilla Firefox:


Internet Explorer:


Google Chrome:

Grant Permission for BudCast to Access your Computer.  The first time the application is launched you will also be asked to grant permission for the application to execute on your computer.


  1.   In Mozilla Firefox-
  • Click the box labeled “Do not show this again for apps from the publisher and location above.
  • Click the (Run) button to launch BudCast.



  1.    In Internet Explorer-
  • Click the box labeled “Always trust content from this publisher.”
  • Click the  (Run) button to launch BudCast.




  1.    In Google Chrome-
  • Click the (Keep) button to keep the BudCast program. BudCast will not harm your computer; disregard this warning.
  • Click the “FMWWeb.jnlp” box in the upper right hand corner to open the next window.
  • Click the box labeled “Do not show this again for apps from the publisher and location above.”
  • Click the (Run) button to launch BudCast.


The security warning pictures listed as examples in each browser may be different on your machine depending on the version of browser you are using.


If BudCast is not automatically launched after Step #3 please reference the “What to do if BudCast is Not Automatically Launched”. 

Logging On.  The logon screen will now appear. To log on to BudCast, enter your KU user ID and password (the same username/password as your KU e-mail). Click the Login button and, provided your credentials are valid, the module launcher will appear. 

BudCast Client Desktop Shortcut.  After successfully launching BudCast for the first time, an icon will be automatically created on your desktop which can then be used as a shortcut to launch BudCast, as an alternative to using the launch web page.  Once installed, users will no longer access BudCast through a web browser.


Note: If FMW Web Icon is deleted off of your desktop you can search for the program in your Start Menu. Type ‘FMW’ in the search field that populates, and then click on to launch BudCast.

If the Shortcut is Not Automatically Created.  If the BudCast shortcut is not automatically created the user should follow these steps to add the shortcut to their desktop.


  1. Click on the Start Menu button.
  1. In the search box type ‘FMW’ to search for the FMW programs.
  1. Right click on ‘FMW Web (KU-Prod)
  1. Click ‘Send to’.
  1. Select ‘Desktop (create shortcut) by clicking on it.
  1. The shortcut will now appear on the desktop.